Friday, 16 May 2014

Ostrich and Bantam Eggs

Eggs are all the same shape, no matter what the size or breed of bird. Have a look at some of the eggs that have passed through our household.

The large egg is just huge. It was laid by an ostrich on my brother's farm. It's shell is very thick and hard. These ostrich eggs are equivalent to at least twelve normal hen's eggs or more. 

The other eggs in the photo are from my bantams. There are some very tiny pullet eggs here and a couple of eggs a bit larger in the bottom row that are from eighteen month old hens. A normal hen egg is larger than the bantam eggs.

Ostrich and Bantam eggs
Wild birds lay eggs the same shape though they are smaller again. Emus are very large birds from Australia. They cannot fly. Their egg is very large also but a bit smaller than the ostrich eggs.

Birds are not the only creatures that lay eggs. Turtles also lay eggs. Their eggs are round and do not have a hard shell. 

A platypus, an Australian mammal that lives under water also lays eggs.