Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Keeping Children Amused

Children Need to Move to be Healthy

We all know that it is not a good idea for children to sit in front of the television for hours. These days there are lots of electronic gadgets that can keep children amused but is it good for them?

Oxygen for our Brain

Scientists and doctors tell us that the more we sit, the more unhealthy we are. When we sit our heart, blood flow and breathing are not stimulated. If we go for an walk the blood is pumping through our veins at a faster rate. This gets our metabolism going. t makes us breathe faster. When we breathe we get more oxygen into our body. We need oxygen for our brain to work properly.

Walk Barefoot

The best thing for children to do is take off their shoes and socks and run barefoot on the grass, at the beach or even play around on the concrete. The important thing here is that they do this barefoot. When our feet touch the ground we are earthing ourselves. 

Electrons travel through the soles of our feet into our body getting rid of those free radicals that everyone is telling us are causing illness, inflammation and ageing. We want to keep our children healthy, so get them running barefoot on the ground. 

Children need to move. They need to be active. Give them little projects. We all feel more useful when we have something to do.

Things Children Can Do

Give them a plastic bottle of water to make patterns on the concrete. Let them run through the water on the concrete in their bare feet.