Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Painting with Pastel Colours by Therese Vahland

I enjoy painting all sorts of subjects and on all sorts of surfaces, from regular canvases, watercolour paper, wood and tin, furniture and even walls. I have also decorated different flower pots from plastic or ceramic. The more variety the better.

Shades, Colours, Tints

I also like to vary the density of colour used in my paintings. Sometimes I will use pastels shades and other times, very bright colours with lots of vivid colour. 

Pastel Paintings 

These paintings have an 'old world' effect and so are done in pastels.
On wood

On watercolour paper

 Beautiful Australian cockatoos have some more depth of colour for the Australian bush. The white cockatoos stand out from the darker green, giving an overall pastel effect, although the green was quite dark.
Australian cockatoos on watercolour paper
Vintage teacup on watercolour paper
This vintage teacup is also on watercolor paper. This has a pastel effect because of the central cup and doiley. However the dark brown gives a depth of colour. This dark colour makes the white stand out. 
Think of using dark and light together, even if you painting has a painting mainly with pastel colours. 

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The most important thing to do is pick up your paintbrush and start painting!

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