Monday, 15 February 2016

Art on Instagram

Lately I have been having lots of fun displaying some of my art on Instagram. I find it is seen by a lot of different people. Whenever I upload a painting, people show their appreciation more so than for other subjects. Interesting. 

This tells me that people appreciate art.

Watercolour Rose
I guess that somewhere in their inner self they appreciate the creative skill.

A collection of watercolour paintings
The next step to show the artist your appreciation is to purchase paintings that you like. This helps the artist enormously by showing them they are appreciated in a physical way. It allows them to buy more art materials and create something else. 

Instagram is a great way to see a lot of an artists creative pieces. 
Please check out more of my paintings @tossyv

Colour speaks to the soul. Colour and the subject matter of a painting speaks to individuals. People's like and dislikes are specific. This is why a painting can speak to one person and have no effect on another. 

Using Instagram can help you decide which colours and subject matter you prefer. It is an interesting exercise to g
flick through an artist's paintings, then those of another until you find the style that suits you.   

Vintage Renault car
 Art by Therese Vahland.

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