Saturday, 12 April 2014

Crazy Patchwork and Collage

Crazy Patchwork

I have always loved crazy patchwork with all the little pieces of beautifully coloured materials carefully sewn together by some diligent hand, then embroidered and maybe beaded as well. Just the thought of it sends me meandering in the clouds. 

Photographic Collages

Reviewing the photos in my blogs 


I realized that I make a lot of collages of photos to put in them. At first I thought it was because I like to get in as many photos as possible into the one space, but on reviewing that, I think that it is really the fact that a photographic collage looks just like a piece of patchwork.

 Even the tray in one of these paintings is painted with a patchwork design. 

Here I did some digital patchwork art. 

Even the headers of my websites consist of collages of photos.


One of my good memories of doing art was the time I spent making a mosaic with very tiny pieces of coloured tiles in an earthenware bowl. You can see it above. The white fluffy Silkie hen is eating out of it. 

Studying Digital Art

I recently finished a course in Computational Art, Digital Design at Stony Brook University, New York where we were encouraged to look at our art to find out what sort of artist we were.

So now I have discovered that I like putting pieces together again. Perhaps I have something in common with

All the King's horses 
And all the King's men

in the Humpty Dumpty verse only I succeeded where they failed.

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