Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Baskets

Easter baskets ready to collect coloured Easter eggs


Easter is almost with us. It is the main Christian time of the year. It is a remembrance of the time when Jesus was crucified, giving up his life in support of us, taking the sins of the world on His shoulders. 

We remember Easter in different ways. Easter in the northern hemisphere comes in Spring time. This is a time of new growth in the fields, chickens starting to lay eggs again after their break over winter, and rabbits coming our of their burrows and leaving their foot prints in the snow.

Easter in the southern hemisphere comes during a time of lovely Autumn weather, blue skies, calm days and chilly nights.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs and bunny rabbits are on the minds of all the children in the Western world. They are hoping that the Easter Bunny will hop on by their home and leave them lots of chocolate Easter eggs in brightly wrapped coloured foil. It is a time of fun and preparation.

Families gather together as at Christmas time for a celebration meal. It is a time of joy. 

Christian Religious Celebrations

Holy Week

Holy Week refers to the week before Easter. It is the busiest time for Christian Churches, especially the Catholic Church. There are Masses held on Holy Thursday evening (the Thursday before Easter Sunday) celebrating the Last Supper of Jesus with His disciples and the Washing of the Feet when Jesus washed his apostles feet. Holy Thursday is also referred to as Maundy Thursday.

No Mass is held on Good Friday. There is a service commemorating the death of Jesus.

Holy Saturday evening is the Big Mass of the year. It starts out in darkness and with a bonfire outside the church to bring the new light of Jesus amongst the people. From there a procession wends its way into the Church where a joyous celebration takes place with lots of singing and bells ringing and sometimes, incense rising. 

The children go home to sleep and give Easter Bunny time to make his rounds. In the morning, on Easter Sunday, they are up bright and early to search for their Easter eggs. 

Happy Easter to everyone