Saturday, 31 January 2015

Printmaking and Computational Art, byTherese Vahland

 Art Work

Printmaking has been a favourite art for me ever since I did my first silk screen artwork way back in Teacher's College. Since then I have explored many form of art including pottery, sculpture in both limestone and clay, painting and drawing. I especially like Life Drawing. 

Different forms of Printmaking

In printmaking I have explored collographs, chin colle, solar prints (I really like these), woodcuts, linocuts, copper plate etching, dry point etching and gelatine plate plus a few more forms. 

Gelatin Plate Printing

At the moment I am experimenting with gelatin plates. With some of these I also manipulate them using Computational Art. This is with the use of a computer where colours and design can be manipulated and some prints overlaying another, printed, perhaps hand marked and printed again.

Computational Art and Printmaking

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