Friday, 27 February 2015

Printmaking and Chickens

Who would have thought that Printmaking and Chickens would meet?
I love my hens. They are a great source of joy for me. There is always something going on in my garden when the hens and chickens are out foraging.

I love taking photographs of them. Can you see the little chicken hiding at the back of it's mum?

Some of these photographs get turned into pieces art.

Some get turned into prints. At the moment I enjoy making gelatin monotype prints. These original hand-pulled prints can then be used in Computational Art.

The prints are scanned into a computer. There they are often layered one on top of the other. This makes a nice combined print and can add new hints of colour and shape.

From here they are put into various computer programs to highlight and intensify colours. The resulting prints have more interest with subtleties hidden here and there.


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