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How to Take Biochemic Salts

Biochemic salts are also called Tissue salts or Cell salts. They are not made of common salt.
'Cell Salts are a group of homeopathic remedies made from minerals.
2 words: Cell - meaning used on the cellular level and Salts - meaning
mineral or minerals salts.'
Homeopathy for Health
PictureTissue salts are also called Cell salts or Biochemic salts. They come in dissolving tablets and liquid spray.

How to take Biochemic salts
Biochemic salts have traditionally come in small white tablets that dissolve in the mouth.  Biochemic salts, Tissue salts or Cell salts are placed in the mouth under the tongue and allowed to dissolve there. Do not chew or swallow them whole.

Recently they have been made available in a liquid spray form. This is sprayed under the tongue. Some biochemic remedies are also made up into a cream to be used on the skin where it is absorbed.

Why are Biochemic salts Placed under the Tongue?
The base of the mouth is rich in small blood vessels called capillaries. These are the finest blood vessels. When the biochemic salts are placed under the tongue they dissolve. This then is taken up by the capillaries and the energy taken into the body to be used where it is needed.

What is the Energy of Biochemic salts?

Biochemic salts or Tissue or Cell salts work on energy transfer. Our body is made up of energy and vibrations. These can travel quickly throughout the body. Biochemic salts carry the energy of the original substance. It is this energy that works so well in our body.

The soft molded lactose tablets are made to dissolve almost instantly when placed in the mouth. Because the remedies dissolve in the mouth, they are absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth and carried directly into your system. Because the remedies are absorbed directly into your system through your mouth, they work faster than conventional medicines because conventional medicines are usually coated and don't get absorbed into the system until the coating is dissolved by the stomach acid, and that generally takes about twenty minutes.
Picture What can I use Biochemic Salts for?
Biochemic salts are a form of Homeopathy. They are readily available in Health Food shops. They can be used as the first remedy to try when a cough, cold or sore throat looms. They can ease headaches and cramps and an upset stomach.

What do Tissue salts Contain?
Biochemic salts are generaly made with lactose. They are gluten free. The liquid form of these homeopathic salts are free from lactose and artificial sweeteners.

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