Friday, 25 October 2013

Bantam Chickens find a New Home

Our little chickens were hatched under a hollyhock plant and surrounded by a garden full of plants. The chickens, at two days had begun to scurry throughout the plants. The crows had invaded our neighbourhood and would not mind a tasty little chicken for breakfast, or any time of the day. They stole eggs if they could get them.

So we went out one evening to collect the young mother hen and her chicks. I had a little cage ready for them.

Chickens new homes
Catching the mother was the easy bit. Once they mum was caught she set up a racket, calling madly to her babies. Now to catch the babies.
Well, for creatures that were born two or three days ago, they could certainly out run me. and to make matters worse, all six of them took off in different directions, squeaking at the top of their voices. They ran under the plants as fast as if a cat was after them. We had to be careful because we didn't want to stand on them.
Once Mother was in the cage all she wanted to do was escape to protect her babies. One by one we caught them and popped in with their mum and peace reigned again.

Mother hen and baby chicks

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