Sunday, 6 October 2013

Enjoy these Stunning Echiums

In my garden I have a couple of bushes of Echiums. When not in flower they sport large, dull grey-green leaves. But when they add their most beautiful flowers they are real eye-catchers. You cannot but stop and stare.

Bees are another species that also appreciates these stunning spires of blue. Bees love blue flowers. They love Lavender and they love Borage.

Echiums have large spires of blue but when you look closely you can see that they are made up of dozens of smaller blue flowers.

Spires of Blue Echium in my Garden
Blue is the colour associated with the Throat Chakra. Think of this colour when you have a sore throat.
Place a blue scarf around your neck and it will strengthen your voice. Do this if you have to give a speech and are a little nervous. Men wear a blue tie. Recently in Parliament it has become a thing for the politicians to wear blue ties. It helps them to talk more confidently and fluently.
There are not as many blue flowers as other colours so enjoy a blue flower when you see one.