Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Escape at Dawn

At 6am this morning I was awakened by screeching and flapping in the backyard. Dawn was just breaking and I had just dozed off to sleep after a restless night.

Our mother hen was flapping in her little shed and kicking up a squawk. Her baby chickens were screeching at the top of their little beaks. I immediately thought there might be a cat or a crow attacking and trying to get into the cage.

Be good little chickens and come here to Mumma.

Chickens Escape

I was at the bedroom door in a sleepy flash and raced out in the dim light. Chickens were peeping at such a screech I knew they were disturbed. Two of the little creatures had gotten out, I just don't know how. They were darting around under the nasturtiums and I didn't know how I would catch them. I couldn't even see them.

Suddenly, there on my red Chinese silk slipper, a little chick was standing. Carefully I grabbed it from above before it knew what was happening. I popped it through the door and the other chick appeared, trying to get to its mum.

Zap! caught that one too.

I listened and all was quiet. It sounded as though I must have caught them all. I raced back to bed and fell asleep.

Later, when Dear One went to check on them, another chick was scampering around outside. Little devils.

Tonight they are firmly closed in. I hope I can sleep in in the morning.

Read more about my chickens at my new website http://www.mygardentreasures.com.au/chickens.html

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