Saturday, 1 February 2014

Five Good Reasons to Keep Chickens

This young boy just loves his chickens

1  To get fresh eggs from happy hens. You know that your hens are nor cramped in tiny cages but have room to flap their wings and perhaps roam in the garden.

2  You receive free manure to fertilize your veggies and flowers. Chicken manure is high in nitrogen so is especially good to make leaves grow. Try the manure on your green veggies or flower garden to get things growing.

Chicken manure is best left to dry before being put in the garden. However if the hens decide to deposit themselves it will save you the work. Thank them and move on.

3  Chickens will get working for free. They will catch nasty insect pests in your garden, cutting the number. They delight in catching any small flying insects, creepy crawly bug and even a worm or two after they have distributed the topsoil for you.

4  They will gladly eat your leftover food, and you will not have to throw it in the rubbish. Your hens will thank you with great excitement and see your leftover food and great delicacies. You could try them with your cooked veggies, rice, watermelon, soaked bread or anything else you have.

5  You teach the next generation how to care for animals and birds. You teach them that every creature is special. Children find that each hen has its own personality. You teach children that these birds depend on them for food and water.

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