Monday, 10 February 2014

How Technology has Invaded our Lives

Or, How Technology had Invaded the Life of a Two Year Old

Yesterday really brought home to me how technology has invaded our lives, even the lives of two year olds.

We had the pleasure of enjoying our granddaughter yesterday. First things first, while she was settling in there are the obligatory morning shows on the television. 

Later, as she was playing with a basket of toys, she picked up an old phone, you know the ones that had the earpiece and microphone attached to the base by a long curly cord? Remember them? The curly cord has been taken off but she does know what to do with handset. 

Is it a Laptop or an iPad?

In the late afternoon, after we had done lots of technology free activities, she sat up to the table to watch Disney cartoons on the laptop. Well you might say Disney cartoons have been around eighty years. Yes they have but she was watching them on You Tube on the laptop. When each one finished she could choose which one she wanted to watch next.

And here's where she has caught up with the latest technology, I even caught her tapping the screen to see if she could make the next cartoon start. When that didn't work (Oh, Granna's OLD technology!) she resorted to the mouse.

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