Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Picture of Innonence

Whenever I see little babies I think of them as being so innocent. 

They have not had time in this world to become 
  • deceitful, 
  • sly
  • cunning
  • jealous or
  • greedy
We could all take note of how they act, living for the moment, not living in the past or waiting for the future.


Babies give us great pleasure to watch and be around. Some are very quick to smile and make great subject for photography.

Today we can do so much with cameras and editing programs. Even Apps can contribute much to our final photographic experience. 

Many apps are free and you can get more variety if you pay. The writing on the photo above was added using Font Candy.

You can get apps to turn your photo into soft sepia colours ...

Or into a modern collage. Have fun by extending your photographic experience with apps which you can install in your phone or tablet. 

Photo taken by Therese Vahland

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