Monday, 18 August 2014

Trees Give Us Peace and Serenity

I had been feeling the need to visit some more trees. There is nothing like being among the tall gums trees of the Australian bush. Often the colour of these trees is not bright green but a dull, muted, blue-green, the colour of the Aussie bush trees. 

We went on a road trip for a few days to visit some trees.

We found some tall gum trees with grey-green foliage along the Murray River. They were offset by the bright emerald green of the lush grass. 

Along the Campaspe River we found some young trees just starting to grow. These will be beautiful, large trees the next time we visit them. 

The trees also also stand in their stark splendour against the evening sky.

You might also like to see the kookaburra that befriended us while on our trip. 


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