Saturday, 16 August 2014

Friendly Birds

We have just met some overly friendly wildlife. We visited Moama and Echuca, towns on opposite sides of the Murray river, the dividing line between Victoria and New South Wales, two south eastern states in Australia. 

We stayed in a lovely cottage with very friendly birds. 

 This lovely Kookaburra sat on a tree near our unit most of the time we were there. Every now and then he would fly down and catch a worm from under the grass.

Kookaburras are known for their wild and loud that they make. Koo koo kaa kaa koo koo kaa. It sounds as though the birds are laughing. The sound echos through the Australian bush.

This lovely fellow was so friendly. He came up to 30cm or 1foot from my feet. These birds love meat. I had a meat pattie left over and broke it into little pieces. My friendly kookaburra enjoyed it bit by bit. 

My kookaburra had a friendly rival for the meat pattie. It was a magpie. This cheeky bird visited inside our unit on three separate occasions. He visited every room in the house and even checked out under the couch. Here he is strutting his stuff in the kitchen.

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