Thursday, 26 May 2016

Crochet: How to make a Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is useful when starting off a circular item, for example a beanie, hat or cloche, or a doily or round shawl. The circle ensures a nice, tight centre. You can control the size of the hole in the centre of this. 

Instructions for Magic Circle

1 Loosely wind yarn over fingers 2 times.

2 Push yarn through circle and make a loop.

3 Using the crochet hook, form loop and make 2 chain.

4 Make required number of double crochet into loose circle.
The number of double crochet can change according to your pattern.

5 There are 2 circles of yarn going through the double crochet. Test carefully to find the one that is directly attached to the tail of the yarn. Pull one side of this so that the other circle gets smaller. If you have the wrong side, stop and pull the other side of the same circle. When one circle is tightened, pull the tail of the yarn to tighten the second circle.

6 Slip stitch into 3rd starting chain.

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