Saturday, 7 May 2016

Crocheted Beanies

Beanies are a quick and easy thing to make. They don't take much yarn, you can make them with a plain or a fancy stitch and you can make them any colour you want. Often it is hard to find something to crochet for our loved males. Beanies often fit the bill. 

This beanie can be for men or women. Just add some vintage buttons
 This beanie is a very plain and easy stitch. It is made with all double crochet stitch. This is also called treble stitch. You can vary the colour of the rows to make it bright.

The rainbow beanie

This pattern is a similar design to the men's beanie. I have changed the colour of the rows, added a shell pattern at the base, and added a crochet flower with a vintage pearl button at the centre. 

Beanie with crocheted flower and vintage button for girls or women

Crocheted flower with two rows of petals
Beanies can even have ear flaps to keep the ears warm on those cold days. They add a different feel to the woolly hat. They look especially good on little boys but can also suit girls. 

Beanie with ear flaps
Share you beanie with us. I'm sure the designs are endless. 
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More crochet yarns coming soon. Cheers

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