Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How to Access all my Photos on my Phone

I can't access my photos

Sometimes I download new apps on my phone. They are often to do with photography. I like to see all the things these apps can add to a photo.

I took some lovely photos and put them together in a collage but then couldn't access them to send them to my loved ones.

Privacy Settings

I have discovered that there are privacy settings on the phone and here's how to enable your photos so they all go to your camera roll.

Go to Settings on your phone and tap. This will be on your front screen. Mine is an older iPhone.
Scroll down till you find Privacy. Tap
Tap on Photos
Turn to ON any photo apps you have to allow the photos to come into your camera roll.

And there you have it.

Return to your Photos > Camera roll. All your photos will turn up there from now on.

Happy snapping

Some snaps from my garden

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