Friday, 13 September 2013

Jonquil Perfume

In our household, there are those that love and those that hate - JONQUILS.

I just love the perfume of these pretty little flowers. We have lots of different cream jonquils, single ones that look like stars to double ones, ones that have lots of petals.

My favourite jonquils are the bright, intense yellow flowers. They usually have a few flowers per stalk.

We are lucky enough to live near flower farms and every year in August and September, perfume pervades the air for a kilometre or two.

Step outside at night and the perfume is strongest. Some years we could also hear the bleat of baby lambs as they wandered the next paddock also.

Yellow Jonquils nodding in the breeze
Those that hate the perfume of these pretty flowers - there are three of my children - really detest the smell. It makes them feel ill. I can understand that many people are intolerant to many things. One of their intolerances just happens to be jonquils.

Some people get bad hay fever from the strong perfume of many plants in Spring time.

Do you like the scent of jonquils?

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