Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Making a Sepia Photograph with Photoshop Elements

Original Photograph of a Beautiful Orchid


Changing your Photograph to Sepia using Photoshop Elements

Open Photoshop Elements
Open your saved photograph
Make a duplicate of it. File  > Duplicate
You are now working on the duplicate photo
On the right hand of the screen you will see Edit
Under this choose Guided
Choose Old Fashioned Photo

Follow the Guide

Choose Vivid Landscape
Click Adjust Tonality
Click Add Texture
Click Adjust Saturation - adjust the sliders
Click Done
Save your photograph
File > Save as
Choose the file you are going to save your photo in
Save your photo as a .jpg. This is often easier to use than a .psd
Click Save
Click Done
Click OK

To change your background to a clearer shade, after you make your duplicate photo,
Choose Water Paper on right hand side
Click Apply
Follow the rest of the directions from 'Guided' above
This gives a different, more delicate and more modern look. Enjoy.

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