Sunday, 3 November 2013

Crazy Patchwork Folk Art

One of my favourite sewing pastimes is crazy patchwork. I love all the little bits of different material. different embroidery stitches and beading on it.


Beginner's Patchwork Design

I decided to do a patchwork design for Folk Art painting or Tole painting. This is an easy beginner's piece. When you are a beginner at painting you know some easy designs but perhaps they are not large enough to embrace your piece of work all on their own. However, if put together, they look quite stunning.

Patchwork Tray in Folk Art

Here is a design to use all those easy painting skills you have. Full details can be seen in my book
Companion to Getting Started in Bavarian Folk Art.

This book and its partner Getting Started in Bavarian Folk Art can be found at http://www.allergiesandcfs.com/folk-art-books.html or http://www.mygardentreasures.com.au/folk-art.html

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