Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Searcher for Perfection


Paul Keating, former Prime Minister of Australia, has always searched for perfection, whether it was in music, that is classical music, in beauty, in decoration, in the arts. He fell in love with classical music as an early teenager.

He had an ever inquisitive mind and formulated the idea that if you wanted to know something you went to the top person who had the information.


The Repositories of Knowledge

As a result of this search for knowledge and wisdom, he searched out older men who were the keepers of the knowledge. He calls these older men 'congealed wisdom'.

I like this idea - congealed wisdom. Older people are so important to society. Older people have learnt so much in their lives, they have learnt the morals of the society they were brought up in, they know how so many things work.

Whatever our journey in life we can all search for perfection whether it is in the way we live our life, the natural beauty around us or the flowers in the garden.


Queen of Flowers

The rose is considered the Queen of flowers just as the lion is considered the King of the jungle. We can search for perfection in so many places.

To find perfection we must be prepared to look, listen and learn. Without these three things throughout our life, our search for perfection will fail. This search should go on our entire life.

Each rosebud hold the possibility of the most perfect rose ever.

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