Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Gardening in Spring

Our gardens are always at their best in spring time. All the flowers seem to enjoy the sunshine coming their way and the warmer days. My garden is awash with flowers.

Deep Orange Arctosis
There is a lovely small bunch of orange Arctosis,

Apricot/pink ball of flowers on a zonal pelargonium
another orangey/reddish beautiful Pelargonium,

and always my favourite rose, this beautiful Mary Rose with its lovely soft dusty pink flowers.

This is my favourite Nasturtium flower from childhood. I loved it when these flowers grew up a trellis in our garden in the spring in my Mum's garden.
Last year, all my Nasturtium flowers were a deep orange, almost a red. There were only 6 yellow blooms. This year they have surprised me and nearly all the flowers are yellow with only a few orange. I even saw a few apricot flowers as well.
When the flowers changed colours from year to year, my Mum used to always say 'It must be the bees'. End of story. I do like this rich golden yellow flower.
Nasturtiums seemed to be a favourite flower to adorn vintage seed packets too so they have been popular for a long time. Do you grow nasturtiums too?

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