Sunday, 15 December 2013

Changes and Holidays

Well, they do say a change is as good as a holiday, don't they?

I haven't been on a holiday, so I'll just have to have a change.
I was hanging out in some other blog and found this great info by another blogger. It was all about different templates and new headers. I thought I'd give it a go.

Megan and Keren from shabbyblogs.com/ have some lovely ways for you to have that change. I hope my change has worked.


I've installed a different template - thanks girls, Then they showed me where to go for another freebie to make a great header from some of my favourite photos. Try it out here FotoFlexer.com. You can really do some stunning things with your photos.

Next, I went into the back blocks of the Layout pages of Blogger and added a few things and da-da!!!
Here's the result.

I'll probably change it again sometime because I like playing around with the design of web pages and blogs.

Check out my other web pages - www.allergiesandcfs.com. There is also a blog on there all about health called Let's Talk Health. It's about using natural therapies and remedies and plain old common sense to stay healthy or get healthy, whichever you need. Don't we all need good health?

Another of my web pages is www.mygardentreasures.com.au. Here I chat on about my garden and my chickens that live in the garden. There are two blogs on this site. One is a Garden Blog
www.mygardentreasures.com.au/garden-blog.html and the other is about my chickens.

I hope you have time to drop by and say Hello there too.

The photos in my header are some flowers from my garden. Isn't it great what you can do with them?

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