Saturday, 14 December 2013

Greedy Bullies

I have been having very anxious days recently. I am worried. I am very worried about my chickens.

In over forty years I have never had full size hens, I have always had bantam hens. Bantam hens are like miniature full size hens.

This year I had two lots of chickens, one bantam and the others will turn into full size hens. When the youngest chickens were five weeks old we placed the two lots of chickens together. The younger ones were as big if not bigger than the older ones.

Instantly they met the younger chicks started to bully the older chicks. I was flabbergasted. In my life I like everyone to get along. All the creatures in my yard MUST get on or I am unhappy.

Bantam chicks hiding in the corner
Two of the younger chicks, beautiful Wyandotte roosters are absolutely greedy bullies. When their food is put out three times a day I give some to each group of chickens. The young roosters immediately leave their full tray of food and go to steal the food from the bantam chicks. The bantam chicks end up retreating to their cave in the nesting box and going without food.

I really don't like it.

We had to leave for a couple days and let the chicks fend for themselves. There was plenty food and water left for them. I was really worried. What would I find when I came home?

I returned to find all food and water disappeared and all bowls upturned. All chicks had their fill of fresh food and water. Those naughty Wyandottes tried all the time to dart into the inner sanctum to steal the food of the smaller chicks. Why? when they have plenty of their own?

Tonight I crept out with a torch to see where they were all sleeping. Lo and behold those bully chicks had invaded the nesting box as well. There were two camps of chicks asleep, one in each corner!

I just hope that in another week, when I creep out to check on them again one night, I will find them all cuddled up together. Then I will have a good night too!

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