Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Power of Yellow


Chakras are energy centres in the body. They cannot be detected by medical machinery of Western medicine. They cannot be seen by the naked eye. They cannot be felt physically. But millions of people around the world believe that our body has these energy centres.

There are seven major energy centres in the body. Everybody has them. There is no getting away with not having them even if you don't believe in them. They are just there. You need somewhere in your energetic body to send energy around your physical body just to keep it going. Just think of it as the electricity of your body.

Now, these energy centres have been attributed with the colours of the rainbow, an upside down rainbow. Seven major energy centres, seven colours of the rainbow.

The Colours of the Rainbow

At the top of the arc of a rainbow the colour is red, blending into orange, then yellow. These are the warm colours of the rainbow. Next we get into the cooler colours of the rainbow - green, blue, indigo and violet.

When these colours are attributed to the chakras you can see, in the picture below, that red is now on the bottom and violet at the top.

Here's how the colours of the rainbow are generally applied to the body. The energy centres are situated along the length of the spine but in the body along the spine. The colours on the body show the areas affected by each energy centre.


The chakra influencing the stomach area is called the solar plexus. You have probably heard of it even if you know nothing about the chakras. Yellow influences the bile - which is yellow, the stomach, liver and the other major organs in this area.

When something is wrong with your liver or gall bladder your urine turns bright yellow.

The solar plexus is the area of the Will. You can determine to do something and be strong or you can be weak and spineless.

Today I am posting some yellow images. Taking in the energy of the colour you are low in through your eyes can help strengthen your energy centre.


Yellow rose

Day Lily

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