Saturday, 21 December 2013

Visitors to My Back Door

There are some new flowers flowering in the garden at the moment as it's springtime here in Australia.

I try to keep a photographic record of all my flowers but sometimes miss a few. Here are my latest.

A fuchsia, lobelia and buddleia. They are all looking lovely at the moment.






The butterflies like the buddleia. Each year we get more butterflies.

Visitors to My Back Door

Yesterday when I opened the back door a butterfly flew right in and in the evening as I came back from feeding the chickens I spied a sparrow flying out the back door. He must have been having a look around as I keep the daily food in there, all sealed. So he missed out on some easy tucker.  
Every afternoon my little bantam hens come visiting about four o'clock. They must be feeling a bit peckish. They get a handful each of corn or seeds then off they go for a couple of hours until it's time for their evening meal when they come back again.

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