Friday, 14 March 2014

Bantams on the Move

Two Hens Leaving Home

We have had a rearranging of our bantams again. Some of them have moved house. 

New Chicken Keepers

Our youngest son has just converted a large playhouse in the backyard of his first home into a chicken house. He and his partner were anxious to start their chicken collection. So we thought we would help them along by giving them two hens - one of the pullets I hatched in an incubator this past year and one from the year before. The girls would need a friend. One hen would be pretty lonely on her own.

As she had never had anything to do with chickens, we didn't know if the young lady of the household would like standard sized hens or bantams. I prefer bantams. So we gave them one of each. 

Standard Orpington

 She's already made her decision and she is going with bantams.

Buff Pekin has gone to a new home. Little white Silkie has stayed with us.


Children Learning to Love Chickens

The young couple were so excited to get their hens. Three of our sons now have hens. They are teaching their children the joys of the chicken world. The children learn to look after the birds. They learn that they are all individuals with their own personalities. 

Whenever our grandchildren come for a visit, the first thing they do is go and visit my chickens.

Three Hens Moving House

While all this moving was going on with some of the girls moving house, we decided to move our older hens, all three of them, in with the four pullets we had left, into the new hen house. There has been a bit of scuffling going on and a rearranging of where everybody sleeps but generally they are all getting along pretty well.