Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fresh Australian Food

Australian Food

Here in Australia we are very lucky. We have a plentiful supply of fresh wholesome food. 

Food is what we all need. We cannot exist without food. 
Food gives us the energy we need to do everything we do in our lives - walk, work, laugh and think. Yes, it gives us the nutrients our body needs. Our body then gets to and converts the food into energy. It uses the minerals, water, vitamins and protein to fuel our body. 

Eat Only Good Food

If we fill our body with sugar and empty calories then we get no benefit out of it. Eating the wrong foods for our body can make us ill.

Fruit and Vegetables

We all know about fruit and vegetables and how they are so good for us. The next time you are putting sweets, chips, bars and other manufactured products into your mouth, think what else you could be eating.

It could be food like this. Watch the video and be inspired to eat good food. Your body will thank you with more energy.


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