Friday, 21 March 2014

Real Aussie Food


GrumbleTumms is a small business devoted to supplying REAL Australian food.

The good old pie is often thought of as being Aussie tucker. GrumbleTumms takes the humble pie one step further, no, two or three steps further. 

GrumbleTumms uses kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat in their pies. And not just a whiff of it. There are chunks of meat slow cooked in delicious sauces, enough to get the saliva dripping. 

They also have Flinder's Island Wallaby Kranskys, sausages made with wallaby meat and King Island cheese. Flinder's Island and King Island are out in the middle of Bass Strait. They are buffeted by the fresh Arctic winds and produce from there is known to be healthy and pure. 

Visit GrumbleTumms website to see all their produce and to find out where they will be next. 

The GrumbleTumms van is very popular at Aboriginal celebration days as these are some of the original meats eaten by the native people of our great land.