Sunday, 16 March 2014

Free Sites to Enhance your Photos

Things I Like to Do

I must tell you - I like -

  • writing my blogs and books
  • painting - arty stuff, that is
  • being amused by my chickens
  • spending time catching up with family
  • gardening
  • taking photos
and - I'm a bit of a computer addict.

Now this computer geek business can involve all of these things because I can take photos of a lot of this stuff. Then I can manipulate the photos. 

Here are some examples and the programs I use.

Photo Manipulation Programs


Making a sepia photo.
A photo make into sepia using Photoshop

Free Photo Manipualtion Programs


Making collages and designs.

Collage made in Picmonkey
Design made in Picmonkey


Manipulating photos. 

Using Coloursketck on FotoFlexer
There is so much you can do, and these are only a few programs I use. Try them for yourself and let me know how you go. If you want help contact me.

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