Monday, 15 September 2014

Healing with Crystal Energy

Crystals Benefit our Health

Crystal energy started me on my road to recovery twenty years ago. I was seriously ill. Doctors and specialists had no answers. After spending years in bed with very poor health I started on a slow recovery with the help of the healing energy of crystals.

The effect of these  crystals had a profound effect, not only on me, but also on my family. As I improved in health, I began to study many forms of healing in natural ways. Naturally, crystals were my first study and became a great love for me. 

I gradually learned many ways to use them for healing and collected a vast array of crystals. 

Amethyst runes

Crystal Elixirs

After learning about Flower Essences, I also found out about Crystal elixirs. These have the energy of the crystal held in water and drops of this crystal infused water is taken by mouth.

Many years of helping others with their health problems followed by doing healing with crystals. 

My daughter also was fascinated by these beautiful rocks and their secret energy. She too learned to use them for healing. 

Crystal Spirit

Today, she imports unusual crystals and sells them at very reasonable prices. She wants to make them accessible to many people. 

Lapis lazuli geometric wand

Clear quartz Angel
  Click on any of the photos to be taken directly to Crystal Spirit Facebook page. 

 Photos and designs by Therese Vahland

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