Saturday, 27 September 2014

Pure Distilled Water for Health

Distilled water is mostly free from all impurities.
It is not so simple to make although it sounds easy. 

How to make Distilled Water

Now doesn't that sound just so easy? Boiling the water is OK. The steam that arises from the boiling water is just extra hot water in another form. Collecting the steam? Well how do you catch steam? It tends to evaporate and we need to give it time to cool down again so that it can turn back into a form that we can handle. 

Water Distiller

This is where a distiller comes in just so handy. It is especially made with a big stainless steel tank for the water, and has lots of coils inside with a fan to cool the pipes (coils). As the pipes cool, the steam loses heat and becomes water again.

As it comes out of the distiller, the liquid is caught and bottled. 

This is far easier than messing around with saucepans or kettles of boiling water. Safer too!

Differences between Normal Water and Distilled Water

Normal water has many impurities in it. It includes minerals, bacteria, chemicals and can also carry parasites. If you leave a bottle of water in the sunlight for an extended period you can see algae growing in the water. 

With distilled water, all these impurities are left behind. They are not carried into the super heated steam therefore a bottle of distilled water will not grow algae. 

Uses for Distilled Water

Distilled water has many uses:
  • bathing cuts and scrapes
  • washing eyes
  • making Homeopathic liquid remedies
  • making beauty creams 
  • making Flower Essences
  • adding to liquid herbs
  • cleansing the face
  • filling the car battery
  • drinking purified water
 Drinking pure distilled water is known to draw toxins or impurities out of the body.

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