Saturday, 27 September 2014

Spirit Painting

Surrendering to Spirit

Sometimes I just like to give everything up to the spirits around us. They know more than we do about lots of things. I am always careful to ask for only good energy to come in, and to surround myself with White Light. 

I settle myself in a quiet corner with a drawing pad and pencil, close my eyes, and wait. It can take a while for the energy to build up. The more you repeat the exercise, the easier it becomes. As you and your Spirit Guides get used to communicating, the quicker things will happen each time and the more easy the flow will be. 

Spirit Painting

Amazing drawings have come out of this exercise and I am sharing one painting that I did from one of these drawings. 

Amber by Therese Vahland and Spirit

How to Draw with Spirit

There is a feeling of excitement each time your pencil starts to move and you know you are not moving your arm or hand. To make sure I have little conscious input into these drawings, I keep my eyes closed. So the entire drawing is done before I open my eyes. I do not know what has appeared on the page until this moment. 

My Spirit Artist has a unique way of drawing. Most of the drawings have been done without lifting the pencil from the page. When It wants to move to another part of the drawing, It traces exactly over the top of other lines. This is all done with my eyes closed. Some intricate and geometric patterns have been built up this way.

This painting was copied faithfully from one of my Spirit drawings.

Please email me if you are interested in my painting.

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