Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Spring Gardening - Blue Flowers

At the beginning of spring all of Nature seems to burst into life. New leaves on trees appear from nowhere. 
One day the limbs are bare, a few days later the tree is covered with leaves.  
Flowers burst forth in their short burst of glory...

Pink lavender and blue borage flowering together

 In all the colours of the rainbow. Yellow brings sunshine into the garden and looks good when side by side with my purple flowering Hebe.

Bright, yellow, daisy - osteospernum

Bright yellow daisies bloom, bringing sunshine into the garden ..... 

Blue flowers abound in my garden this year. Below is some Borage and Echiums making a show and attracting all the bees. This will ensure a good seed crop for all my other flowers too. 

Stunning blue Borage flowers happily beside Echium and Nasturtiums

Blue Echium always makes a stunning show

A bright deep yellow and brown Australian native with it's pea shaped flower
This year I have re-potted many plants into self watering pots. I find these so great any time of the year, but especially during the long, hot, summer days when you really don't want to go out to water. You know your precious plants can last a couple of days.

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