Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pigs and a Cooking Show

Pigs on the Farm

Pigs are one of the animals I have never had. My husband flatly refused to have them. 

A pig called Stephanie

I have always loved animals and had many varieties over the years. We lived on an eighty acre farm. That's about thirty two hectares in size.

Animals on the Farm

We have had
  • goats - angora, dairy (a few varieties) and cashmere
  • sheep - carpet wool and a few other varieties along the way
  • donkeys 
  • mule
  • horses
  • cows
  • chickens - lots of breeds
  • ducks - 120 ducklings one year
  • geese
  • rabbits
  • cats
  • dogs
  • birds - a variety

But we never had pigs.

Stephanie, the pig, features in one of his latest videos.

Cooking Shows on You Tube

One of our sons, Bevan, is a chef and makes videos with great recipes and scrumptious food. 

Why don't you check you his You Tube channel, subscribe and share? He'd love to have you visit.

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